Every Business Owner Can Gain Customers from Instagram
If you're not getting consistent leads from Instagram for your business, then this 7 day challenge is right for you. 

It clarifies how to use Instagram for your business to connect and gain customers with just 20 minutes per day. 

I've walked hundreds of business owners through this process in a Facebook group. TODAY, you can get the same challenge where I guide you to do one simple, proven action to simplify how to gain customers from Instagram.

Here's what you'll be able to do with this course:

How to position yourself in your bio,

 Know what to post to attract and connect with your audience,

Where to find goldmines of potential customers,

How to approach people without being annoying,

How to build and nurture your own community. 

It all starts with the right foundations shown inside this 7 Day Instagram Challenge.

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What would it mean to you if this challenge is able to help you gain 1 more client per week in 20 minutes per day?

Or you can continue doing what you've been doing.

I'm here to offer you a way to move forward as if you hired me privately for 7 days in just 20 minutes per day together. And you can repeat it every week. Where would you and your business be 90 days from now?

"Just want to say a big thank you to Leon Benjamin for hosting this 7 day challenge. It has been laid out professionally, clearly and with genuine care. 

This has given me some great direction and more people engaging on my profile. 

Looking forward to working even closer with him in the future, as he's helped me feel way more in control and confident about growing my audience, providing great content and getting engagement higher than ever! 

Give him a sign of appreciation everyone as I'm sure we all know how tough and exhausting it can be when we over deliver like this guy has."

Ben Humphreys

"I got out of my comfort zone to do videos on Instagram really useful information. Lots more insta clarity. He suggested more videos for leads... Did a video.... got a lead from the video within 24 hours. Even started to understand # following which opened a whole new door for me! Keep it simple. Make it happen. It works."

Annabel Jeffcoate

"Very organised and straight forward 7 days it has been and I really liked the structure. I also need to do two videos in the gym to complete the challenge. There is a few changes I need to make in the source accounts I believe but I’ve never felt so confident about Instagram."

Greg Perlaki

"It's really made me stop and define what it is I do. It's funny because it's something I've gone back and forth over the past month. But it's made me sit down and really journal on it."

Andy Farnsworth
Happy Customer

"I'm getting caught up with Day 2 today. It gave me some great ideas for content."

Nate Alexander

"Solid help. TY.  IG has been a mystery until I watched Leon's videos a couple of times and realized that I am in a position of reinventing myself."

Benedick Howard

"For me it was great to see how to actually use IG. Very simple to follow. Each thing you had us do, I received comments, post, new followers so it was very exciting. Thank you for taking the time to do this."

Tracey Guse' Rodriguez

"Learned a few things I didn't know on stories - will build on this. Made a few more followers from commenting - will definitely continue to do this! My post was saved more times and reposted; does work - thank you!"


"I think a lot of small biz owners that sell products would benefit from the course massively."

Andy Farnsworth

"Thank you so much for your help... you have explained things really well and it definitely is a lot clearer now. Thanks again."

Karen Wheeler

"Hi!! Well i've learnt a lot about instagram. I 'd never used stories, had no clue about highlights and no idea how to do thee research and how to increase following in a high quality way. I feel I have a better idea now."

Sacha Appleton

"Talk about over delivery "

Dave Christian

"Thank you Leon Benjamin, it was great challenge...I almost feel sad it is all over as you made me accountable. I learnt so much from you and have an idea what to do next. Thanks to your challenge I recorded my first video ( it took me a year to overcome this). You went extra mile and offered a superb support. AND...I finally know what is wrong with my hashtags. It has been great working with you.

Michaela Zizkova

100%. Enjoying this a lot. I just love having a daily action plan :)

Michael Gray

7 Day Instagram Challenge$50

I've developed these methods since 2016 to grow my own beard oil business and my local plant-based dumpling business (we grew so much that we couldn't keep up with orders!). 

I've helped fitness business owners start from scratch and get to 15,000£ in sales in less than a month.

To help you take action, you get some bonuses too:

A fillable worksheet for your leads, 

Content ideas that work (and to help you write your own) worksheet, 

Extra content ideas that worked for my dumpling business

What You Get Today:

Access to a Daily Video for 7 Days: One video per day guiding you with simple, actionable steps to build your Instagram account from scratch (or bring it up to speed to convert).

Topics covered

 How to position yourself in your bio, 

 Exactly what to post attract and connect with your audience, 

 How to find potential customers (3 different ways), 

 How to reach out to your potential customer while being genuine, 

 How to build and nurture your own community.

In 20 minutes per day of time commitment

Bonus #1: Step-by-Step Outreach Strategy Guide 

Bonus #2: Content Idea Worksheet for extra posts that are proven to work

Bonus #3: Extra Content ideas that worked from my own dumpling business ($99 value)

Bonus #4: Caption Writing Training: First Lines, Layouts and Call to Action Templates to help you increase engagement ($47 Value)

  • Total payment
  • 1x7 Day Instagram Challenge$50

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Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with this purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the support email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund.